Research at UNC

P-side Research Group: The P-side Research Group is for students with interests in research in phonetics and phonology. The group meets once a week during the fall and spring semesters.

Karen Research Group: The Karen Research Group is a group of UNC students and faculty working on documenting S’gaw Karen, a language spoken primarily in Myanmar and Thailand. Members of the group are also interested in documenting the experiences and cultural traditions of Karen refugees now living in the Triangle area.

Tigrinya Research Group: The Tigrinya Research group works on documenting Tigrinya, a language spoken primarily in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Members of the group are currently working on developing children’s games in Tigrinya, documenting Tigrinya words for flora and fauna, and studying the phonetics of cross-linguistically rare sounds that are found in Tigrinya.

Spork Lab

Acquisition Lab: The Acquisition Lab group meets to talk about ongoing work and current topics in language acquisition research. Students completing theses or course projects related to language acquisition (first, second, mono- or bilingual) are encouraged to attend.