Grad Students

Laura Barnes


Rachel Broad

Bianca Bulchandani

bulchand (at)


Jeff Conn

AB Anthropology, Occidental College (1977)
Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Classics, University of North Carolina at Asheville (2001)

Jeff is a student in the Ph.D. program. His area of interest is historical linguistics, chiefly Indo-European and long-range comparison.


Matt Fuller

mefuller (at)

BS Mathematical Decision Science, University of North Carolina (2010)

I am currently a first year MA student interested in phonology, phonetics, evolution of language, and computational linguistics – particularly models of language learning.


Stephanie Gardner


Kline Gilbert

jkg (at)

BA International Studies, Croft Institute for International Studies at the University of Mississippi (2009)
MA Linguistics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2012)

Kline is a fourth-year student whose main interests are morphology, syntax, and morphosyntax. He is particularly interested in compounding and the morphosyntax of compounds, as well as the Germanic languages.


Megan Gotowski

gotowski (at)
BA French, Juniata College (2012)
Megan is a second year MA student whose interests include language acquisition, language evolution, and syntax. She is particularly interested in subject doubling in child French.


Jen Griffin

jengriff (at)

Jen is a PhD candidate who is mainly interested in dialect variation and phonological models of variation. Her current research involves documenting the phonetic and phonological differences between the various dialects of Sgaw Karen that are spoken by the Karen community in Chapel Hill.

Caleb Hicks

linghix (at)

BA Linguistics, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (2006)
MA Linguistics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2010)

Caleb’s main interest is typology of morphosyntax, especially of grammatical alignment and case marking. Emerging interests include evidentiality, noun incorporation, and the indigenous languages of the northern US and Canada. He passes the time by practicing rare speech sounds.


Aziz Jaber

azjaber (at)

Aziz is a third-year PhD student.  He is interested in formal semantics, the semantics of generics in particular.


Melinda Johnson

melindjj (at)

BA in Modern Languages (w/ Spanish Concentration) from Univ. of Louisiana at Monroe

Melinda is a first year MA student. Much of her linguistic research has been in English usage in South Korean popular media as a socio-cultural indicator.


Breanne Jones


Xuewei Constance Li


Yina Diana Ma


Emily Moeng

moeng (at)
Emily is a PhD student interested in the relationship between phonetics and phonology. Her personal website is located at


Anna Powers

powersa (at)

Anna is a first-year MA student in the BA/MA program. She is interested in phonetics and phonology, particularly the interface between phonology and morphology.


Kayleigh Reyes

Kayleigh Reyes is a first year MA student.  Her research focuses on Sociolinguistics and Sociophonetics, particularly pitch variations related to audience design model, as well as feature economy.


Amy Reynolds

amyrey (at)

B.A. Linguistics (Interdisciplinary),  Hendrix College (2009)
M.A. Linguistics, UNC – Chapel Hill (2011)
Amy is a 3rd year PhD student whose main interests include  phonology, semantics, and the history of English. Her M.A. thesis was on acquisition models of English consonant clusters and she is now exploring the historical development of and continued stratification of affixes in English. She is particularly interested in computational models of phonological and morphological acquisition.

Alysia Richard


Hugo Salgado Rodriguez

asalgado (at)

I’m mainly interested in the evolution of Pipil, the southernmost member of the Uto-Aztecan family and the only indigenous language still spoken in El Salvador. More broadly, I’m also very interested in contact linguistics, especially the influence of Spanish in indigenous Mesoamerican languages.


Jessica Slavic

BA German and Latin, Hillsdale College (2012)


Gregory Stephan

I am a first-year student, interested in computational linguistics and programming languages. I hope to advance my computer programming skills alongside my linguistic studies, in order to pursue a career in the technological field.


Kayla Vix

BA English and Biblical & Religious Studies, Tabor College (2010)

Kayla is in her second and (if all goes as planned) final year of linguistics graduate study at UNC. She is interested in historical linguistics, code-switching, and dialectal varieties. Her current focus is on the Low German heritage language of the American Mennonites.


Chunmeng Bonnie Wang

BA Psychology, Portland State University (2011)
BA English, Northeast Normal University, China (2012)

Bonnie is a second year MA student. Her research interests are psycholinguistics, second language acquisition, and morphology-phonology interface. Please visit her personal website: 


Zachary Wilkins

zwilkins (at)

BA Latin American Studies and Spanish Language, Case Western Reserve University (2011)
2013 Linguistic Institute, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Prior to coming to UNC on a Graduate Merit Assistantship, Zachary Wilkins lived a year and a half in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay and studied at the Universidad de Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His experiences there have inspired him to pursue an MA in Linguistics at UNC. Zachary’s primary research interests are on pragmatics and language acquisition. In addition, he has been working with Spanish Professor Bruno Estigarribia for the past year on Spanish-Guaraní code-switching.


Zhao Ye


Siyun Juliet Zhu

Siyun is a second year MA student. She’s mainly interested in phonology, second language acquisition and general Chinese linguistics.

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