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  • New Joint MA/PhD in Hispanic Linguistics

    We are excited to announce a new dual MA/PhD program in Hispanic Linguistics, administered jointly by the Departments of Linguistics and Romance Studies. Applications will be accepted this fall for enrollment in the 2019-2020 academic year. Please see this link for more information, and contact Prof. Moreton, the Director of Graduate Admissions, if you have questions (

  • MA Alumnus Brent Eisenbarth Receives Fulbright Scholarship

    Linguistics MA alumnus Brent Eisenbarth received a Fulbright scholarship to work as an English Teaching Assistant in a multilingual school near Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. During his time at UNC he has studied second-language acquisition (particularly phonological acquisition), bilingualism, and bilingual environments, so we know he will enjoy his teaching work in Galicia. Boa Viaxe!

  • Brian Hsu to join faculty as Assistant Professor in 2019-20

    Brian Hsu received his Ph.D in linguistics in 2016 from the University of Southern California. Before joining us at UNC, he was a Term Assistant Professor in linguistics at George Mason University. His research focuses on the origins of word order variation and the effects of morpho-syntactic contexts on phonological patterns.

  • Graduate Public Scholar

    Congratulations to graduate student Jen Boehm, who has been selected as a Graduate Publicly Engaged Scholar! She is selected as a part of the Humanities for the Public Good Initiative. Jen’s graduate work is centered around the documentation of S’gaw Karen, a language spoken by Karen refugees from Myanmar (Burma). Read more about this honor and other recipients here.

  • P’urhepecha Research Group (P’-side)

    This group represents a continuation of research on P’urhepecha/Purépecha/Tarascan (ISO 639-3) begun in the Spring of 2017, a year ago, as part of a the Field Methods in Linguistics (Ling 573) class taught by Assoc. Prof. David Mora-Marín.

    Currently, the group includes four researchers: David Mora-Marín, who is investigating ethnoanatomical taxonomy; Tristan Bavol, who is eliciting materials that will be useful in the preparation of pedagogical materials for English speakers wishing to learn P’urhepecha; Yining Zhu, who is investigating predicative and attributive possession in P’urhepecha for her Honors Thesis; Mykel Brinkerhoff, who will assist with the collection of lexical data.

    In addition, we have been working with two native speaker consultants: Francisco Cuaraque and Adriana Cuaraque.

    We will post updates reporting on prelminary results of these projects in the near future.


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